Optimize Your Kitchen Space: Using a Kitchen Designer and Customizing Stock Cabinets

Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, build one for your new home, or make a few upgrades, most homeowners would agree that it’s a larger undertaking than it seems. Aside from picking out the right appliances and design elements, ensuring your finished kitchen’s space is as optimal and functional as possible requires assistance from a professional.

Thankfully, kitchen space designers are there to help and provide ideas that may even save you a bit of money. From customizing stock cabinets to fit your needs to offering insight on the latest trends, there are many benefits to working with a kitchen space designer. Here’s a look at a few of them.

Tapping into Expertise

Remodeling your kitchen entails more than just throwing a fresh coat of paint on the walls and shining up your cabinets. From selecting your backsplash and countertop materials to figuring out where your appliances and cabinets should be placed, working with an experienced kitchen space designer will prove to be a wise decision from the moment you begin planning your redesign.

Designers complete hours of coursework and training to gain a full understanding of all elements pertaining to a comprehensive kitchen layout, with many of them being certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. That means you’ll be working with someone up-to-date on all of the latest trends and styles, as well as building codes and safety regulations, to point your general contractor in the right direction and provide you with a kitchen you’ll love for years to come.

Creating Customized Possibilities

When homeowners attempt a kitchen remodel on their own, they often encounter roadblocks along the way that could jeopardize the final result, as well as their budget. From picking mismatching shades and placing elements in undesirable places to not loving the options available in stores, a lot can potentially go wrong – and fast.

Another benefit to utilizing the services of a kitchen space designer is having expert solutions at hand for even the trickiest of redesigns. For instance, one area many homeowners struggle with is finding the right kitchen cabinets, whether they are the incorrect size or frankly not their style. But by working with the in-house kitchen space designers at Home Surplus, you can have a knowledgeable professional help you customize a variety of stock cabinets to best suit your needs and achieve the aesthetic you’re hoping for.

And when customizing kitchen cabinets, there are countless possibilities for customization that will allow your home to stand out. You can start with any of the shaker, flat panel, raised panel, or slab cabinets at Home Surplus and have your designer customize them with your favorite hardware and paint in the exact color you’re looking for. Plus, having your cabinets customized before your installation will benefit your budget.

Achieving Your Vision

While any homeowner can attempt to design or remodel their kitchen themselves, working with the in-house kitchen space designers at Home Surplus will enable you to tap into years of expertise and ensure the results you want. Before making any final decisions, be sure to book an appointment with a kitchen designer at our Keyport location in New Jersey. Walk-ins are welcome, and all clients can take advantage of one free design concept. For more information, contact Home Surplus today.